Being Grateful

Being Grateful is the most positive and enlightening feeling I believe one can ever experience. To be grateful is to feel alive, present, authentic, at peace, joyful, satisfied, less stressed, not in charge, safe in God’s arms, prepared, equipped, empowered, in order, and victorious. Being Grateful is about looking around your environment and realizing how truly Blessed you are…….despite the challenges you face. You are breathing, therefore, you still have unused gifts inside of you that were created for you to share. Being Grateful is realizing that you have the capacity to help others BE GRATEFUL. Think about the words I used to describe Being Grateful. Do any of these words describe you in any part of your day? Choose any two of those words, and keep them in front of you today.

When you ask people how they are, do they ever say…I’m Grateful?

Most people respond with complaints. They use words like “struggling,” or “holding on,” or “could be better.” Those are all victim phrases. They speak as though there is no hope, no way that life can be better, and that kind of thinking is unacceptable. Life is already better because today is a new day, and it’s an opportunity to learn from yesterday and make things right. You must believe it in order to achieve it. You cannot allow your negative situations to define you. Look beyond them and remind yourself often of JEREMIAH 29:11 – God knows the plans He has for you, and they are for good and not for evil.

You just have to follow the plan.

What does it take to create a constant state of BEING GRATEFUL? It takes a lot less effort than living in a constant state of chaos where you’re never satisfied. Being Grateful is about recognizing your blessings and truly knowing you are blessed rather than just saying it because that phrase is the flavor of the month. You can create a constant state of Being Grateful in your life. You know the feeling of gratitude when someone does something nice for you, and you say thank you? Gratitude is just as it sounds: gratefulness. It is a particularly great feeling that we can all feel when honored or appreciated. That human emotion can be harnessed to change your life, forever! The benefits are so great that it can actually make you healthier! We already know how good it feels to do something for someone else, but why don’t we use it more often as a tool to make ourselves happy?

What actions must you take in order to create your constant state of Being Grateful?

Keep a Gratitude journal with you at all times so that you can record the blessings that are all around you.

Keep your spiritual eyes and ears open so that you can see beyond the human experiences and circumstances and begin to see and understand how God is moving in your life.

This is why silence is such a critical part of your everyday activity. You have to become conscious of what’s happening around you – the opportunities which are right in front of you, the path that God has you on, are all for your own good. Sending out words and feelings of Being Grateful will be returned to you.

I don’t know the author, but this is the perfect ending for my blog on Being Grateful…

“It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude. It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.”

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit

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