A Mastermind Group!

Recently, a friend said to me…  “Leadership is Lonely”  And I thought WOW…that is so true!!! I realized that Lady Leaders, are typically, either lifting someone up, explaining something to someone who is looking at you sideways,  attempting to stay two feet ahead, or all of the above.  Is this you?  
Here’s my question…
  • Who are you connecting with?
  • Whose taking care of you? 
  • Where do you go for feedback when you want the whole truth,  unapologetically? 
  • Where do you go for honest, sometimes brutal feedback that affirms you’re on the right track? 
  • What safe space, do you have, where you can share, be heard and know that you’re understood and receiving unbiased feedback?

WHAT IF ... there were a group of women providing motivation, encouragement, support, resources, and brutal feedback with the same energy and passion you're giving to them? 

WHAT IF... there were a group of women offering their wisdom, knowledge, experience, empathy, authenticity, doubts, fears and caring spirit to you, and you them?

WHAT IF... you no longer had to feel alone and lonely in your space?

Welcome to Bold & Classy!

3rd Thursday BOLD & CLASSY!…

Leadership in Season – 6 Months

(1) 90-minute session per month for 6 months

On the 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30pm EST, we will meet for 90 minutes over a 6 month period. You will receive a brief survey prior to session 1 so you can list specific situations and  challenges you want feedback on.  Maximum number of participants in this group is 10.  The conversation will be structured around the issues you listed.

Your investment is $3500. You may pay in full or $600 per month.

3rd TuesdayBOLD AND CLASSY!…

Leadership in Life – 6 Months

(1) 90-minute session per month for 6 months

Leadership in Life is a 6 month Mastermind session, created to give you time to delve deeper and Gain clarity towards …

  • Your role in your Business, Company, Agency,
  • How well you perform in your role
  • Who you are as a partner, parent, sibling, daughter
  • What motivates you
  • Who your front row friends are
  • Your emotional health
  • Your connection to Spirit
  • What it takes for you to be happy

And of course, overcoming challenges along the way, gaining new perspectives and new opportunities.

We will meet virtually 9:30 am-11:00 am EST monthly.  This is the perfect time to kick off your new year.  You’ll have the support, wisdom and knowledge from others to get things done efficiently and in a timely manner.  Maximum number of participants is 10.  You will have a 45 minute one on one coaching session monthly with me and you will also establish a date and time where you and the others will meet between the monthly session.  I will provide resource speakers based on your requests.

Your investment is $4,000 for 6 months.

They Say...

“A wonderful opportunity to connect with other women with similar experiences.”


“I spent time learning more about me.”


“The monthly meetings, group calls and speakers have increased my awareness and perspective.”


“It’s been a great outlet.”

My time with Bold and Classy has been amazing and transformative. I love connecting with likeminded business women for all walks of life and being able to gain wisdom from Ms. Rita.
Quiana Gainey
President and CEO SecureTech360