Most Common Reasons You've Failed To Reach Your Goals: Overcome and Succeed!

At the beginning of the year, when we get a great revelation or after being unmotivated for too long, we get a great idea to make a list of goals we want to reach. Some goals are personal; some are professional; and some are things we have put off for years.

Let’s take a quick look at that list. It’s okay, I’ll wait while you remember where you put it.

Got it?

Okay! Let’s take a look and see where you are.

You may not have checked off as many things as you had hoped on that list as you look back on it now, weeks, months, or years after it was made. That’s because you didn’t set yourself up for real success in the first place. Those lists weren’t enough to get you really motivated. Continue reading to find out why you may not have been successful in reaching your goals and what you should try to do differently.

Lights, Camera, Action… I said ACTION.

Your list of goals shouldn’t just be a jumble of nouns – make sure to make them actionable! Doable. “Get closet organized” rather than just writing “organize” and set yourself attainable deadlines for each goal. For example, if you’re looking to organize your closet, make sure you spend some time sorting and purging, get storage containers and maybe labels, and organize your outfits by season will help you map out the goal and give you a clear list of tasks to complete it within the timeframe.

You’re doing this.. Great.. but WHY?

If you don’t feel motivated or even excited to reach your goals, then it is likely that you haven’t determined WHY you are striving for them. For instance, expressing the will to lose 15 pounds is one thing but WHY? At the end of the day, what are you hoping to acquire by losing that weight? Take into consideration what motivates and drives your goal. There will always be something that you wish to attain, avoid, or lose when attempting to accomplish it. Are you looking to enhance your self-confidence?

Become healthier to prevent health problems down the road. Wear that two-piece bathing suit with extra confidence on your upcoming vacation. Take some real time to examine the reasons behind why you’re making a goal list and recognize the advantages of what you’re trying to achieve.

Are you even close? How close?

In order to determine how well you are doing, you need milestones or markers that track your progress. A lofty goal may take some time to accomplish. Work at a steady pace, and don’t try to do too much upfront. This is the fastest way to burn yourself out and run from your goals. Burnout is real, and you should try to avoid it. When you see you’ve accomplished part of your goal, you can celebrate your progress and encourage yourself to keep going. I believe in celebrating small wins. We all could use a little more motivation!

Wait, it’s gonna cost me something? How much?

Not all goals are centered around money, such as saving a certain amount each month, but there’s some kind of financial angle involved with all goals. Consider the example of owning a house – you need to save enough money, assess your budget and mortgage amount, and so on. On the other hand, if you want to find a new job, then it’s important to consider how much you’re looking for in terms of salary. Through my experience shopping at Ikea and Target, I can tell you that completely redecorating a closet doesn’t come cheap! Eating healthier also requires more expenditure – fresh fruits and veggies cost more than processed food. The bottom line is that hard figures give a much clearer insight into goals and should be taken into account when planning ahead.

I know you can reach your goals if you follow these tips. If you haven’t made progress towards your goals this year, don’t give up. Give Rita or me a call, and we can help you see what barriers are holding you back. We will help you strategize and help hold you accountable.

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