What is your unique purpose? How do you determine your purpose? Is it possible to fulfill your purpose?

I always want you to take away something from reading my blogs. This particular topic has five steps. It’s going to take you a while to get through it. It’s going to challenge you like no other blog I’ve written. But you have to complete the assignments. Take as much time as you need with each step, and think through the question before responding.

Read till the end because I have an offer for you.


Ask yourself, what is it you really want to do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next?  

What would you enjoy spending your days doing? 

What would bring you joy and peace and allow you to feel fulfilled and purposeful?

Hold tight to these three questions and speak to them every day. Ponder these questions in your silence. Allow the thoughts and ideas to flow thru your head. Don’t stop to judge or critique, just allow them to flow. If you get off course, re-focus on any or all three questions. Record in your journal, what you experience while in the silence.


What thoughts and/or ideas have been in your head for years?  Which ones are pulling on you? Which ones make you smile? Is it really what you want to do?  Do you feel led to spend your days manifesting that idea to fruition? Do you think this is the purpose you were sent here to fulfill?

Do NOT, spend time, right now, on HOW you will make this happen. Right now, take your time to sift through the ideas/thoughts. Picture yourself doing exactly what it is you think you want to do. How does it feel?


You may be wondering, “WHY – is it so critical that I fulfill my purpose?” And my answer to you is that Your Creator brought you from Eternity and placed you in this time and space for you to do your part to grow His Kingdom. Each day you spend not fulfilling your purpose is another day the World is without all that you have to offer. 

Let me Be very clear, you are fully equipped TODAY – to fulfill your assignment. Because Where God guides, He provides. I want you to Ponder the effect your purpose has on the planet. Your purpose is not about you – it’s about how it will benefit the rest of us.


HOW do you manifest your purpose? 

The first step is to Create a plan.

The second step is to follow the plan. 

The plan begins with completing the following two sentences:

Sentence 1 – My purpose is_______________

Sentence 2 – I’m living my purpose when______________

 Rewrite your answers until they feel good!


Your purpose is your assignment, it is your journey. No one else can do this but you. Continue to remind yourself why you must do this as well as the value you will bring to yourself and to the planet. Celebrate every accomplishment and enjoy the ride. This is what Living life is all about…it’s about loving what you do.

          It’s your purpose and ONLY you can fulfill it.



The PURPOSE nourishes the PLAN

THE PLAN nourishes the PASSION

THE PROMISE is a manifestation of THE PURPOSE

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit

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