Who does resolutions anymore? Not I!

As much as I enjoy the concept of New Year resolutions, they usually have a 14 day expiration for me, just like they do for most of you. But setting attainable and achievable goals have always felt more tangible and realistic to me because I understand that my goals allow me to be a better me. My drive to accomplish my goals is more intentional.

While I want to keep this post brief and sweet, I hope My 2023 Goals inspire you to create your own customized and personalized goals for 2023.

GOAL 1- Tune into My Emotions
I am an empathic person and have always been sensitive to the feelings of others. I embrace this quality as there is nothing wrong with feeling deeply. As a coach who works with individuals who are managing and often struggling with their mental wellness, it is an ongoing journey to ensure that I keep my emotions under control. Growing up, I always hated that it was easy for me to feel hurt by and for others. But as I grew older, I found that by understanding the reasons behind these feelings and finding healthy ways to release the stress, anxiety, and emotions I was able to free myself. So far, bowling, volleyball, and painting have been added to my list of healthy activities to help me release and allow me to tune into my emotions.

If you need help getting in tune, consider hiring a coach- Call me!

Goal 2- Explore and Embrace my Creative Side

I’m constantly looking for new and different ways to unleash my creativity. I’ve been all over the map, doing things like painting and refinishing furniture. I also work on my she-shed (I just finished the drywall, hardwood floors, and beautiful palm leaf ceiling fan). This year I want to explore more unusual ways to use my creativity. Have you had a chance to listen to my guided meditation on YouTube?

Check it out here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-QZWDYuXxY&t=43s.

I have also noticed that helping myself is just as important as helping others! With all these experiences, I plan to take new approaches with creativity that will enable me to connect with God (or Spirit) in new ways.

I really enjoy using my creativity to explore new possibilities for creative self-expression, so I’m looking forward to what new possibilities await next!

Goal 3- Create Good Habits While Removing the Bad Habits
The bad and the good are always a pairing, in my opinion, since I need to remove the bad and replace it with the good. I want to get rid of some habits that aren’t so great and create new ones that will help me grow as a person. This includes regular workouts (no more sitting on the floor watching tv), cleaning out my closet by donating/selling things I don’t wear anymore, connecting more to God by reading my bible more regularly, and committing myself to daily devotions.

Goal 4- Become a Budget-nista
Did you know that 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? That’s an alarming statistic. Like many people my age, I have student debt and it sometimes consumes my thoughts. This year, I want to budget in a way that allows me to do more fun things while still taking care of my student loan debt and other financial obligations. In our November webinar, The Naughty List 2.0 Combating Holiday Stress, Celia Powell, CPA recommended the following: “Write your vision and make it plan.” She reminded us to manage our finances responsibly and ensure that they align with other goals we have for our futures.”

Goal 5- Create a Space Where I can Love Myself More

We all claim to love ourselves or parts of ourselves. But what does it really mean to love ourselves in our fullness; the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly? To truly and unapologetically love ourselves, I believe we need to create space for our true and authentic selves to strive, let loose and simply be. By offering support to our body, mind, and spirit, we can develop this space within ourselves to really love the people we are. Join me on January 28th at 3 pm at the Women’s Business Center RVA in Willow Lawn for a workshop, Creating Space to Love Yourself!

Register here: https://ritaricks.com/product/creating-space-to-love-yourself/

I pray your 2023 is prosperous and filled with health, wealth (I mean, who doesn’t want more money?) and overall positive vibes. It is a pleasure to have your support and know that Rita and I are always here to help you achieve your goals and dreams while aligning you with your purpose.

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