Welcome to this New Year!!!

Welcome to another chance to get what you want. Welcome to the opportunity to change your perspective and therefore change your reality. Welcome to hearing, once again, from me that you create your reality based on what you think and what you say.

I intend to talk more this year about the LAW OF ATTRACTION and how to get more of what you want. How to release the feeling of lack and adopt a feeling of being surrounded by abundance…in your mind, body, and spirit. I’m excited about this intention because I’ll be creating my life as you’ll be creating yours.

On October 29th, 2022, I casually said to my daughter that I should begin looking for a house to buy. She left a message for her realtor that night. I came home and journaled a Dear God letter, describing what I wanted. On October 30th, my daughter and I looked at several neighborhoods, and went into a couple of models, nothing grabbed me, so we called it a day. I wasn’t discouraged. As a matter of fact, I truly believed we would find a new home for me. That evening, she called to say her realtor had sent her a recommendation for a condo less than 10 minutes away from where I was currently living. We drove over, and I liked how the development looked from the outside, but the agent had gone for the day. That night I googled the development and began imagining my living there. On Oct. 31st, the realtor made arrangements for me to see the model, and it was literally what I described in my Dear God letter. I closed on November 5th, 2022. Thoughts bring Things. Focus on the Good Thoughts.

You must ask for what you want and believe that it will manifest. Thoughts produce things. And when those thoughts bring you joy and peace, you must act on them. You must believe it will happen, even though you can’t see the How yet. You must imagine what it will feel like once the thought manifests and hold tight to that feeling. How you feel is an indicator of what comes next. Feeling good about the thought will bring more good. Doubting the thought will bring more doubt. If you feel it won’t happen, it won’t. But you can reverse that thinking by listening to your thoughts and acting on those that make you smile.

The theme for Rita Ricks LLC this year is PERSEVERE. I will PERSEVERE this year in my quest to manifest more abundance in my mind, body, and spirit. I’d love for you to join me on this journey.

Email me – – so we can continue the conversation. Share this blog with others and bring them into the conversation. 2023 totals the number 7, which is a positive sign. There is so much good waiting for you, in this year if you just open your heart space to believe it in order to receive it.

Many of you have told me how you want to get away, how you want to attend a beach retreat, and how you want me to let you know the next time. So…The BURN VISION Beach Retreat is January 20, 21, and 22. Remember, you must act on what you feel will bring you joy and peace. Register today to begin transforming your life.

My prayer for you at the beginning of this year is that you hold tight to the concept that you matter. You are on this planet for a reason. Identifying your purpose is critical, and you already know what it is. You must face your fear and do it anyway because peace and joy are on the other side. Please stay in touch with me.

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit

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