Being Present is about NOW – THIS moment in time – Right This Moment. In fact, NOW is all you have.

Studies show that you lose 60% of your daily precious gift of time by focusing on what happened in the past – either to you or because of you – YET” …you cannot change your past. These same studies show that you lose 25% of your daily precious gift of time by arranging and living your life based on what the future might bring…AND YET… you cannot see the future, so that leaves only 15% of your daily precious gift of time to make a difference… in this space…… in this moment.

Today when your mind begins to wander, bring your mind, body, and spirit back to the PRESENT and see what you can gain and how you can grow from whatever you’re doing in that particular moment.

You are NOT in control. Your Creator chose you from eternity and placed you in THIS moment for His purpose. He knows exactly what your purpose is and how He wants you to use it to benefit mankind. But if you’re all over the map, being busy…. ALL the time……. when are you able to hear directions about what and where you’re supposed to be? We are human beings, not human doings, and in order to truly know what to do…. we must first BE……silent.

Staying in the NOW is something you must constantly be conscious of. Actually, BEGINNING today, I would like you to become more conscious of and responsible for your thoughts and words because THEY create your reality. You are where you are right now based on how you think, what you say, and the choices you make. Your Creator knows what is best for you but gives you free reign in which to choose. Trust me, in any given moment, you experience – subtle signs, God winks, and aha moments which clearly give you direction. But if you are spending this moment reliving yesterday or planning tomorrow……you missed it – AGAIN!

Think back on the signs that gave you direction and you listened OR….re-play those signs that you chose to ignore. When you arrive at the point where you live the majority of your time Being Present – in the moment – you experience an unbelievable freedom. You are truly aware of what is happening right NOW. You and your Creator are connected. He is guiding you, and all you have to do is follow. You will see that the sky looks bluer, you enjoy the EXPERIENCE of a good meal – the words to an old song bring new meaning into your life, you discover true friends, you feel peace and joy in your heart, you stop worrying, and you start living. Close your eyes, relax, and listen to your thoughts.

Spend as much time as it takes to practice BEING PRESENT. You can do this, especially knowing the gifts God has for you each day. It is such a Blessing when you cut the chains of control. It is such a Blessing when your day begins in expectation and excitement about all the possibilities and opportunities that will show up. It is such a Blessing when you trust God to lead you, and He trusts that you will follow.

Jeremiah 29:11 reads: “For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord, “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

I’m excited about all you’re about to experience, and my prayer is that you continue to choose to stay in the present.

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Rita’s Recommended Action Steps:

  1. Spend your quiet time imagining a snapshot of your average day. Where do you focus the majority of your thoughts?… Thinking about the past? Thinking about the future? or thinking about right now?
  2. Close your eyes and reflect on the fact that when you choose to align your spirit with God’s purpose for your day, you are following HIS will rather than your own.
  3. Be on the lookout for any subtle signs, God winks, or Aha moments that flow thru your day, and write them down.
  4. Decide to spend today living in the moment……because you only have THIS moment, RIGHT NOW.
  5. Focus your silence on surrendering your perceived control….and trusting God more.

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit