Overcoming the FEAR of FAILURE

We have all heard the statement if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. But for some, especially our young adults, that simple act of failing just one time can make them feel like a “LOSER” and they become adamant about not trying again. No matter how hard you try to push them or encourage them they refuse to FAIL again. In life, we recognize that we don’t always win or get exactly what we want, but with some persistence, direction, and patience many things can come into existence or be won. (If it is meant to be… We’ll talk about alignment and destiny in a later blog.)

So, what stops them or even you from trying again? It’s the FEAR OF FAILURE! The anxiety and dread of not reaching our goals or objectives weighs on our minds heavily, and sometimes it seems like it’s not worth the risk. This could make plenty of sense and be understood if the failure caused catastrophic outcomes. But oftentimes, these are minor or mild failures, and they are possibly fixable or doable. It can be difficult for our young adults to see the value in taking risk after they have been let down, by themselves or others.

Overcoming the fear of failure can be difficult, but it is possible. Here are some tips to help your young adult or you overcome the fear of failure.


Identify where the fear comes from

The fear of failure comes from a subconscious limiting belief. A limiting belief is a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way. By figuring out what belief is underneath this fear, you can start changing how you perceive failure. Take an opportunity to do a self-evaluation and ask yourself the following questions. What am I actually afraid of? What is causing me to feel this way? Is this fear warranted?


Change how you see failure
Just because things did not work out as planned or you were unable to reach your goals, does not mean that you are a failure. In my opinion, the only way in which you can fail is by not trying.

Do not limit yourself and your abilities based on your failures. Many top business owners and CEOs have a bucket full of failed businesses and missed opportunities. They view their failures as opportunities to learn and grow. Key traits are that they remain persistent and don’t see their failures as a stop sign. Overall, they know what didn’t work and have something to improve upon.


It’s not failure, it’s a series of personal reviews

Imagine that failure didn’t exist. Instead, think of it as a series of personal reviews like on Amazon. Some things worked really well, some items really surprised you and were a great deal. While there were those items that came in 3 sizes too small, damaged upon delivery, or was not what you expected when you placed the order. It’s then only new information that you can use to try it again and adjust your method.


Amazing Grace, give yourself some

Give yourself the space to try new things and be open to ‘fail’. It’s okay if things don’t work out how you planned. We learn over time that some of the biggest failures or let downs turned out to be blessings. (Take a look at your high school crush… lol).

Remember that no one is perfect and if you only aim for perfection, you will miss out on so much more. (i.e.- lessons, an opportunity for growth, overall success, and happiness)


Let the fear put fire under your butt- Be fearless

Don’t let your fear of failure stop you from taking some chances and trying new things! Even if you’re terrified, do them anyways. To be Fearless you are being bold enough to say that it’s worth a try. When you can come by and fearlessness and confidence you create courage. With that courage, you are able to take the big steps necessary to achieve your goals and dreams


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