The definition of a survivor is one who copes or manages to live thru a bad situation or affliction that might even cause death.

A survivor is a person regarded as resilient or courageous enough to overcome hardship, misfortune, or some other life-changing incident.

Is that you? Are you here today, despite some challenges that could have, should have taken you down? Then you are a Survivor! And before you say, “I don’t feel like a survivor,” THINK AGAIN. Don’t downplay what you’ve been thru. It was tough, but you are still here.

Thinking from the place of Being a survivor is the opposite of thinking from a place of Being a victim. And let me Be clear, though you may have been a victim during the crisis, you must not allow it to define you. You are bigger than your situation. You got thru it when others didn’t, for whatever reason, and you know it was God who pulled you thru.

Remember, “as a man Thinketh, so he becomes.” How do you want to see yourself? How do you want to be known? Victims want sympathy. They choose to stay in that dark place…… Being angry, blaming others, miserable. But survivors pull themselves up and make the decision to heal and then share their story in order to heal others.

Whatever your struggle…… domestic violence, breast cancer, COVID, loss from death, loss of income – whatever the struggle. It is a part of your journey; only you can decide how it will impact you.

I am a 20+ year breast cancer survivor, and that experience has made my life so much better. When I was told the spot was malignant, I decided that day that I was going to take responsibility for my body. I’ve learned that everything that goes in my mouth sends a message to my body. I know that dis-ease around me can lead to disease in me. I know that my spirit is healthiest when I spend intentional time in prayer and meditation. I am a Survivor.

As a Survivor, I encourage you to incorporate the following 10 actions in your life.

1. Celebrate that you lived thru it

2. Be grateful for another chance

3. Create quality time for you

4. Envision yourself as whole

5. Share your testimony with someone

6. Continue learning who you are

7. Use your courage to elevate victims

8. Appreciate and honor other Survivors

9. Find a Coach to assist you in moving forward

10. BE better as a result of your experience

My prayer is that this Message has helped you see how very unique you are. You survived when others didn’t, and NO, it’s not always easy. But as long as you trust and believe that God has got your back –As long as you trust and believe that He is working on your behalf –As long as you believe that not only must you pray, but you must listen for the answers — you will be fine. I’m telling you what I know.
We are on this planet for such a short time, and there is so much good to experience. Be intentional about identifying the good. And spend your quiet time BEING in the GOOD space.

Rita’s Recommended Action Steps:

  • Hover over the difficult experience(s) and look at the bigger picture to see what you’ve learned about you.
  • Begin to think, talk and walk like a SURVIVOR.
  • Write about how your experiences have made you stronger.
  • Re-purpose those thoughts into a book, blog, podcast, or movie script.
  • Remember…today is an unrepeatable day.

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit

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