Are you Unmotivated because of your Environment?

What if I told you that what you surround yourself with impacts your environment more than you may imagine? 

Your environment can significantly affect your motivation and willingness to do just about anything. If you’re consistently surrounded by clutter and chaos, staying focused and motivated on your goals and dreams can be tough. But making some simple changes to your environment can make a big difference.

Take a moment in some of your favorite places and really look around. These may be your bedroom, bathroom, home office, or if you’re like me, your She-shed/man cave/ prayer closet, whatever you want to call it. Take in everything. The clutter on the floor or the drawers that are so full they won’t close. The massive pile of unfolded clothes and dead plants in the corner. The stack of bills or overflowing makeup all over the counter. Maybe you don’t have things this bad, but perhaps your space is just drab or has looked the same since you were younger. (Still have the Boyz-2-Men and Backstreet Boy’s posters on your wall?)

Take some time to clear out your space. Get rid of anything that’s just taking up room and not serving a purpose. And if you can’t bear to part with something, at least ensure it’s organized. Having an organized space can help you feel more in control and motivated. At the very least, it will cut down on the time it takes to find essential items like your keys or that business card of that corporate executive who wants to talk to you!

Another great tip is adding some life to your space to improve your motivation. Get a plant or two to add some color and freshness to your environment. We all remember learning in grade school that plants are essential to our livelihood. It has not changed. 

Plants produce oxygen, help reduce stress, and can help increase productivity in your life. And yes, it is because you have to water it! But a faux plant is an excellent substitute if you don’t have a green thumb. And if you can, add some natural light to the mix. Being in a bright, cheerful space will help you feel more positive and motivated. And surprise, your plants need the sunshine too!

Recognize that distractions and all external forces easily sway our minds. So, it is important to place things around you that improve your mood and motivate your spirit. For example, on my nightstand, I have a picture of my family and a journal with a series of my favorite bible scriptures. I have a plant in most of the rooms of my house, and I recently did an inexpensive facelift to my bathroom with a new backsplash. These small changes motivate me to be more creative and inspired in my work and personal life. I am proud of my space and feel more focused and attentive to my own needs.

What in your environment can you change, get a ride, or update? Ultimately, the goal is to create an environment that supports your dreams and makes you feel good. By making some simple changes, you can set the stage for a more productive and motivated lifestyle.

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