Inspiring You as CEO of Your Life and/or Your Business

How high is listening to the Silence on your list of priorities? For me, I consider it wherever I go; whether overseas or on vacation, my journal comes with me. My thought is, “How can I go on vacation and leave God behind?” 


Taking a moment of stillness to be grateful for each day and live in the moment is vital to bringing your best self to every single day. 


For any of us, it can be easy to let life get in the way of connecting with our inner self. I believe that God, the creator, the universe — whichever you like to call it —  gives you specific direction and instruction every day. Listening to the Silence allows you to hear that instruction, act on it, and fulfill your true purpose.

Listen to the Silence: Brought to You by Your Spiritual Business Coach

Are you struggling to listen to the silence? If you’re looking for reliable, spirit-guided coaching, then you’ll want to tune into the next Listening to the Silence Retreat. This virtual retreat is hosted every second Tuesday of the month and runs between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. During the retreat, you’ll partake in a day of journaling, silence, and introspection to help teach you to block out the noise and spend time listening to your inner spirit.

The silence is transformative! To learn more, contact us today.