Inspiring Entrepreneurs to Listen to the Silence

In this fast-paced world, you’re always so busy and working so hard that you often forget to sit down and just take a moment to reflect.

Maybe you’re always looking for the next best answer without realizing that the solution is in the Silence. 

My Experience with Silence

I’ve experienced the highs and lows of life, the challenges, and all of the opportunities that come with them. Despite my successes, in 2007, I found myself struggling to decide which path I should pursue next. I was feeling lost and disconnected. 

During a two-year course at an Ecuminical Retreat Center,  I discovered that I was missing a critical aspect in my life – Silence. It wasn’t until I learned to sit still and allow the Silence to surround me that I was able to align with my spirit.  It was an unfamiliar sensation initially, but I discovered that there is clarity, peace, and love in the Silence.

Following my transformative experience,  I now spend my time sharing the Silence with anyone within the sound of my voice. I want them to receive the benefits of simply listening to the spirit within, from their God, their creator,  their Universe. I want others to feel the sense of gratitude and the importance of taking a few moments each day to simply sit still, tune out all the chaos in the world, and listen to the Silence. 

Listen to the Silence: Brought to You by Your Spiritual Mindset Coach

If you’re looking for reliable, spiritually guided business coaching for women entrepreneurs, you’ll want to tune into the next Silence Retreat brought to you by your favorite spiritual mindset coach in the Richmond, VA, area. 

This virtual retreat is hosted every second Tuesday of the month and runs between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM. During the retreat, you’ll partake in a day of journaling, silence, and introspection to help inspire you to block out the noise and spend more time listening to your inner spirit.

The silence is transformative! To learn more, contact us today.