Mom: The Stage Manager of my life!

In the grand production of life, there’s always one person who stands out as the guiding force behind the scenes, orchestrating every moment with love and grace. For me, that person is my mother, Anita. She’s not just a mother; she’s my first and forever best friend. In previous posts and discussions, I’ve often referred to the stage of life, emphasizing where people reside – the Front Row, the Balcony, or the Parking Lot. Throughout, I’ve proudly reserved the center seat for my mom. However, upon deeper reflection on her significance in my life, it’s evident she’s far more than a mere spectator; she’s the Stage Manager, flawlessly supporting every facet with meticulous attention and unwavering precision.

Just like a Stage Manager in a theater production, my mother is always there, ready to ensure that everything runs smoothly (or at least she is really good at hiding the chaos from me). She anticipates my needs before I even realize them myself, just like a Stage Manager who knows the script by heart. From ensuring I have my favorite dinners on Sunday to offering a listening ear whenever I need it, she’s there backstage, ensuring everything is perfect for the performance of my life.

One of the most remarkable parallels between my mother and a Stage Manager is her ability to handle any situation with calmness and poise. As a high-energy person, who often talks a mile a minute, she is often the only one who can get me centered, focused, and calm within a matter of seconds. Just as a Stage Manager remains composed amidst chaos backstage, my mother navigates the ups and downs of life with unwavering strength and grace. No matter what challenges come our way, she’s there, a steady presence in the wings, guiding me through with her wisdom and unwavering support.

Moreover, my mother’s attention to detail rivals the most meticulous Stage Manager and Designer for our favorite show, Project Runway! Not only did she design and sew countless costumes for me during my time in the theater, but she also masterfully designed and made my prom dresses, pageant gowns, and Halloween ensembles… and ensembles they were!! Watching her work, I marveled at her skill and speed; she could sew a button and execute a hem faster than anyone I know. Her thoughtfulness and attention to every little aspect make each moment feel tailor-made and special, much like the intricate staging of a theater production.

But the most profound aspect of my mother’s role as the Stage Manager of my life is her endless love and compassion. She taught me what unconditional love was and I have been blessed never to see that love waver. Just like a Stage Manager works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the success of the show, my mother’s love knows no bounds or time limits. Her selfless sacrifices, boundless patience, and unconditional support are the cornerstone of my very existence.

As I conclude this tribute to my mother, I want to express my deepest gratitude to her. Mom, here are your virtual flowers! Thank you, Mom, for your sore knees, which I know are from countless prayers uttered for my well-being. Thank you for your infectious smile that brightens even the darkest days and keeps us going when the going gets tough (which I am proud I inherited). And thank you for all the times I didn’t get to say thank you, for your love knows no conditions or expectations… and I Thank God for that and you!

“I Love You More”