Embracing the New Year: Expressing Love to Those in Our Front Row

As the curtains begin to rise on a new year, the stage of life suggest that we ponder the roles people play in our personal narratives. It’s associated to a grand theater where individuals find their places—some in the front row, some in the balcony, and others relegated to the parking lot.

The front row represents a select few—those special souls who walk alongside us through the highs and lows. Rita refers to them as our Ride-or-Dies! They are the pillars of strength, the ones who witness our vulnerabilities and celebrate our triumphs. These individuals aren’t just witnesses to our lives; they’re active participants, offering unwavering support and boundless love.

In my journey, my dear brother occupied a prominent seat in this front row. His love was a compass that guided me through life’s labyrinth, his presence an anchor that provided support in rough and turbulent times. His passing emphasized the depth of this front-row connection, igniting a profound realization—a recognition of the value of expressing love and gratitude while we have the chance.

Then there’s the balcony—a space reserved for those with whom we share a more peripheral connection. They’re part of our world, but their involvement is not as deeply rooted as those in the front row. These individuals witness parts of our lives, engaging in conversations and shared experiences, but they might not comprehend the intricacies of our inner world. It’s important to maintain your boundaries with these folks.

Lastly, there’s the parking lot—a metaphorical space for people who were once part of our story but, for various reasons, no longer align with our journey. They might include former friends, acquaintances, Ex’s, or individuals whose paths diverged from ours.(Remember, some people are only in our lives only for a season) While their presence might have held significance at one point, life’s shifting dynamics led to their place in the parking lot.

The separation between these tiers isn’t about hierarchies (or affordability like the theatre); it’s about understanding the varying degrees of connection and involvement in our lives. It’s about recognizing the depth of love, support, and loyalty you have surrounding you. Ultimately, it’s about comprehending the invaluable contribution of those in the front row—the love that molds our being and empowers us to embrace our truest selves.

This new year prompts us not just to set resolutions but to reflect on the people who enrich our lives—the front row folks who offer unwavering love and support, the balcony acquaintances who share glimpses of our world, and the parking lot individuals whose paths diverged from ours. Reach out to those in your front row today—express your love and gratitude while you have the chance.

May this new year be a testament to cherishing those in our front row—vocalizing our love and appreciation for their unwavering support. Let’s navigate this new year’s stage with gratitude for the roles these individuals play, for it’s their love that adds depth and richness to our stories.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!