76 Years Around The Planet: What I Know For Sure

They say with age comes wisdom, and at 76 years old, I have certainly accumulated my fair share of it. Over the years, I’ve experienced countless life lessons and learned valuable skills that have made me who I am today. As I reflect on everything I’ve been through, there are a few things that stand out to me as nuggets of truth – things that I know for sure.  Join me in this blog post, as I share with you the wisdom I’ve learned thru aging and what I believe truly matters in life. 

Someone asked me on my recent birthday, what it feels like being 76 years young, and I said “Just like yesterday” Honestly, I feel no different and probably haven’t since I turned 40. That was a milestone for me in so many ways…new career, new relationship, new perspective, new freedom, new behaviors, new path. I’ve actually been following that path ever since.  What an amazing journey, and I’ve learned so much about me.  I’ve made mistakes, I’ve made apologies.  I’ve lost some and won some. I’ve forgiven, but not always forgotten. I have an incredible vision for my future. I’m eager about my present. I’ve let go of my past.  

Here’s what I know for sure as I share these 10 nuggets of knowledge with you right now. 

  • God and I are co-creators of my life
  • The solution is in the Silence
  • The Law of attraction is alive and well
  • You always have a choice
  • What you do today, forms your tomorrow
  • Do not settle
  • Things don’t happen to you, they happen for you
  • Your vision should pull you forward
  • Worry adds NOTHING to your life
  • Nourish your Mind, Body and Spirit

Now that I’ve shared, you probably have questions. Do you want clarity on exactly what each means? Do you want to incorporate them into your daily life as I have done? Do you want to BE more of your authentic self?  If so, I got you!  I’ve decided to facilitate a complimentary webinar – June 26th, 7:00 pm EST- to answer all your questions. I have sooooo much to say about each tip. Where I learned them, how I use them, why they’re critical to who I am, and more. This webinar is going to be full of information, and I’m offering a BONUS

I was reminded while writing, that my series of blogs for the rest of 2023 are all about CLAIMING YOUR BEST SELF. So as a BONUS, I have 5 recommendations for you to CLAIM YOUR BEST SELF. I’ll share them during the webinar, and here is one…TAKE OWNERSHIP OF YOUR PATH. We’ll discuss what that looks like, how to make it happen, and the benefits it will bring. And I still have 4 more recommendations, just as powerful.

This webinar, at no cost to you, is on June 26th at
7:00 PM EST

At Rita Ricks LLC, we are going HARD the remainder of 2023!!  There’s a lot happening in the world, and I want you to BE focused, prepared, and in charge of YOUR next.  


Thank you much for taking your time to read this blog.  I always love your comments, and please share our blog with those you know will appreciate your gesture. 

I am Rita…speaking to your Spirit