How to Check in with Your Emotions

When you are going through a financial crisis, problems in your marriage and relationships, or loss, it’s important to stay in control of your emotions; too many bad experiences can drive you insane and sometimes drown you in emotion.

To regain control it’s important to learn how to check in on your emotions. Checking into your emotions suggests that you stay in constant control when things aren’t going your way.

5 Easy Steps to Assessing Your Emotions 

Before we begin, you must remember to get in touch with a spiritual life coach who will study and evaluate your progress while providing guidance and suggestions for your own unique experiences.

  1. Journalize Your Thoughts

Writing words on paper is a tried-and-true method of self-therapy, especially for those who find it difficult to confide in others about their pain and demons. 

This allows for reflection and helps in seeing the solutions to problems. It also reveals long-lost dreams and desires that you once intended to achieve. 

“Permission Granted,” by business and spiritual coach Rita Ricks, contains excellent journal therapy tips and guides.


  1. Read Motivational Materials

Reading motivational books, articles, and materials is a great way to stay inspired, especially when going through difficult times in life; when you come into contact with stories that resonate with yours, a glimmer of hope will restore your joy. 


  1. Be Silent

Absolute silence in total serenity is a great way to calm the thoughts rumbling within your mind. In a quiet space, take 5 to 10 minutes of silence while focusing on nothing. After this exercise, the mind will be clear enough to make clear decisions. Practice this to stay in control of your emotions.

  1. Practice breathing

Breathing, when practiced with intention, allows you to focus on your breathing while inflating and deflating your lungs. This technique is a great way to keep the mind fresh. This technique is a great way to keep the mind fresh. 


  1. Watch What you Eat

Did you know that what you eat affects not just the stomach but your brain? According to Harvard Med School, eating a high-quality diet nourishes the brain and protects it from oxidative stress. 

Oxidates can damage brain cells. You want to watch your diet the way you would other priceless possessions, as it directly affects your health and wellness.  

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