The Vault

In-person and virtual sessions of sisterhood

The Vault offers you the space to speak to other women similar in age, with similar experiences and challenges. This sisterhood will inspire you to achieve more than you have ever imagined.

Kick-off Session on February 11, 2023 at 11:30 am!

Creating Light in the Darkness

Sat., March 4th | Brown House Candle Company

During this power-packed session, you will participate in interactive “Real Self” exercises, receive guided handouts, and gain clarity on the woman you want to be. This will be a fun evening.

2nd Annual Little Black Dress

Saturday, April 29th at the Historic
Main Street Station

Join Rita Ricks with the celebrated author of “YELLOW WIFE”, Sadeqa Johnson, and enjoy some delicious soul food from Chef Keith Rivers, of Food U Can Choose, for the 2nd Annual LITTLE BLACK DRESS DAY AFFAIR!

Ladies, Celebrate the fact that you persevere with Grace and Class, in spite of your circumstance.  

Celebrate the fact that You are beautiful, dynamic, powerful, winning, making strides, growing, aging beautifully, managing, Being the boss and KNOW, in the depths of your heart, that you are enough.

Transformation Tribe

The ultimate community for forward-thinking women who are ready to take life by the reins and create lasting transformation in their lives.

Join our exclusive network of supportive members who will celebrate and encourage your successes, provide accountability for your goals, and motivate you to keep going no matter what. We’re here to help you reach all the heights that you set out for yourself. With Transformation Tribe, you can finally be surrounded with a group of like-minded women who just ‘get it’ and you’ll never feel alone on your journey again!


Spirit Mastermind is about life as I see it.  What I know for sure is that we are here to learn certain lessons to bring us closer to our purpose. The deeper we move into our purpose, the more joy and peace we experience. Spirit Mastermind allows me to share my experience, my learnings, my recommendations, my wisdom to show you a different perspective which can change your reality.  We’ve delved below the surface in areas like Goal setting, Legacy, Owning Your Power, Creating your Vision, Resisting Resistance, Success Instinct and Intentional Thinking.

You can find the videos on You Tube,, and my social media.  AND, we have a Spirit Mastermind podcast if you choose to just listen to the audio.  Each lesson is less than 15 minutes long. The video and podcast come out on Sunday. Subscribe to Rita Ricks You Tube to see the trailer for the next week.

Spirit Mastermind podcast is located on Spotify, Apple podcast, Google podcast and iHeart radio, just to name a few.

2nd Tuesday of Every Month

Virtual Retreat

“It is quite a privilege to have quiet time.  We get to have an audience with the King of the Universe, the Creator of EVERYTHING!” 

Rick Warren

Hosted 2nd Tuesday of every month, 9:00-3:00. Join this virtual experience for a day of journaling, silence, and introspection.

In the midst of chaos, this is an opportunity to block the noise and spend the day listening to your spirit. You’ll be amazed at how calm and peaceful you’ll feel, just because you stopped talking. The silence is TRANSFORMING…your rhythm, your heartbeat will be slower.  Join us.

Feel free to discuss Race, Religion, Politics and Sex


A unique opportunity for you and your friends to come together to explore and embrace authenticity in open dialogues designed to spark collaboration, understanding, respect and a shared interest in creating a better planet for ourselves and for our children.
A bi-partisan, diverse gathering focusing on dynamic conversation bringing awareness to our differences and similarities.  When we work together, we are empowered to positively impact our families, our communities, our society and our world.