Forgiveness Detox: Releasing Toxicity, Embracing Healing


Feeling weighed down by past hurts and toxic patterns? Struggling to break free from emotional pain and embrace healing? Seeking practical strategies for cultivating forgiveness? Join us for a transformative Forgiveness Detox Workshop led by Coach Angela.

In this workshop, Angela will guide you through the practice of forgiveness, unlocking spiritual freedom and leading you to true reconciliation. Gain a deeper understanding of your emotional pain, learn practical strategies for releasing toxicity, and discover how to extend grace to yourself and others. Plus, connect with a supportive community for ongoing healing and growth.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Insights into the roots of your emotional pain
  • Practical strategies for forgiveness and toxicity release
  • Tips for extending grace to yourself and others

Don’t miss this opportunity to detoxify your soul, release toxicity, and embrace a life filled with peace, joy, and possibility. Register now!



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