The Glow Up: The Transformational Glow

Glow-ups are when you intentionally change your appearance, lifestyle, or mindset that makes you feel and look better than ever. A Glow Up is an opportunity to start over and give yourself a boost of transformational confidence we all need. A Glow Up occurs when you are about to become a more complete, confident, and beautiful woman. Are you prepared?

This guided workshop will help you move on from your past and take advantage of the G.L.O.W. U.P. that your life demands. You’ll have the chance to reset, rediscover your purpose, enhance your self-confidence and hone in on what matters most. Angela Lightfoot, Spiritual and Mental Health Wellness Coach, will guide, support, and motivate you to start making the changes needed to become your best self.

In this live session, we will break down the word G.L.O.W. U.P. and apply principles and techniques to change and improve your life.

G – Guide your thoughts towards
L – Learn who you are with LOVE.
O – Own your Mess (and clean it up).
W – Worship and connect to God/   
U – Unapologetically know your worth.
P – Promote yourself with confidence.

You will gain insight into who you truly want to be, recognize your worth and make emotional connections to your life’s purpose. As you explore the beautiful mess that makes up you life as well as ways to clean it up, you will discover how your thoughts lead you to being grateful and to love yourself fully.

I highly encourage you to purchase the 20+ page guided workbook that accompanies this transformational webinar. The guided and detailed pages will allow you to be an active listener rather than having to take notes. It includes all exercises, step-by-step instructions, and some inspirational quotes to print as daily reminders and affirmations.

Take part in our special LIVE Session on
July 26th at 7:00 pm (EST)! Register here.

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