Claiming Your Best Self

Webinar Series

Living From The Inside Out | Episode 3

September 18, 2023 @ 7pm EST | Cost: FREE

A thrilling journey that requires embracing three primary action steps, all performed in perfect harmony. 

First and foremost…

First and foremost, journaling unveils the true essence of our being, allowing us to pour our thoughts onto paper with authenticity and vulnerability. Through this intimate process of self-reflection, we unlock the hidden layers of our souls, laying a solid foundation for personal growth.  


Secondly, reading becomes a trusted ally on this guided path; it nourishes our hungry souls with stories of triumphs and struggles from diverse perspectives, whether from the Bible, a daily devotional or #Justfortoday.  As we immerse ourselves within these tales, shedding light on our personal growth and life lessons, we fuel our spirit’s craving for a deeper connection and expanded territories. 

Lastly, but far from least…

Lastly, but far from least, carving out moments of silence amidst life’s chaos is crucial for realigning our rhythm with the boundless spirit dwelling within us. In these times of calmness and introspection, it allows us to connect deeply with ourselves and transcends mere existence into truly living from the inside out. Each step intertwines seamlessly within this web of self-discovery – they are not merely individual actions but integral parts contributing to one’s holistic well-being in mind, body, and spirit.

“The workbook, aptly named ‘Living From the Inside Out,’ is a transformative tool holding the key to unlocking your next chapter. With its expertly crafted action steps, it becomes a guiding light in redirecting your path and banishing any self-imposed obstacles. No more days of grappling with life’s challenges all alone or seeking answers from others who themselves are still lost in the labyrinth of self-discovery. This workbook empowers you to take charge, helping you vanquish fear, doubt, and pain that have plagued your journey thus far. 

Piece by piece, through carefully curated exercises, it peels away layers of insecurity until you stand tall in the realization that not only are you enough but also perfectly equipped for what lies ahead. You will be guided on how to write your thoughts and concerns.  No more wandering aimlessly on paths not created for you; this workbook propels you to confront and embrace who you truly are at your core. Its pace is yours alone – savor each moment as long as necessary and dive deep into uncharted territories within yourself.”

Join me for this enlightening and free webinar,
at 7:00 pm EST September 18th.