June 15, 2022 | 6:30 PM EST (US and Canada)

In-Person – $49
(includes wine and cheese)

1510 Willow Lawn Drive, Suite #100
Richmond, VA 23230

We are six months into 2022. It’s been tough trying to meet the deadlines and goals you created in the beginning of the year. You’re disappointed you didn’t do a better job of following thru, upset because you really want to be further along this year and feeling stuck with no true vision.


You’re on the right track and you want to share where you are. You’re ready to encourage someone else by telling them how you stayed focused. Your vision is clear and you want to be held accountable for creating it.

Join us at BURN/VISION where you can BURN whatever toxicity is still holding you hostage…

and replace it with your dreams.


Celebrate midyear by BURNING whatever is holding you back.  It’s easy.  Write each toxic item on a separate piece of paper and we have a fire to BURN it!  This is an actual ceremony so you can properly acknowledge all that is out of your life for good.


You’re replacing the toxicity with your VISION.  What do you still want to do/experience in your life?  You create your own reality so create what you want rather than what you don’t want.  We’ll show you how. We’re going to show you how to re-imagine your life.


Decide to BE the BOSS in your life and Join us at 6:30 pm EST on June 15th in person!  A fun evening full of great expectations and surprises!!

This event is a great Girls Night Out. Invite your girlfriends and become each other’s, accountability partners. Reaching our goals together makes the journey more worthwhile!

Burn/ Vision was the most amazing experience I had in 2020 and I am so grateful that I was able to attend. It was the best way to start and feel motivated about 2021. The Bonus of Vision 2 was even better as it solidified the plans and goals I made for myself.
Rhonda Lee

We’re asking you to list all that you want on an expectation list. It’s for this year. We will show you how to prioritize, and create goals and action steps with dates.

Get Ready for BURN VISION 2022 and Burn 2

Burn 2 bonus held virtually for attendees on Wednesday, June 22nd at 6:00 pm

1510 Willow Lawn Drive, Suite #100
Richmond, VA 23230